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In the past we, as consumers  have taken our energy sources for granted. Now more planning and research needs to be done to assess and implement the most energy efficient solution for your home or business. As well we have become more conscious of the environment and the impact we have on its sustainability.

The amount of alternative energy sources for the home or business has grown in recent years through:


· Photovoltaic systems (solar power)

· Wind generation systems

· Geothermal systems

Whether you’re a believer or a sceptic of global warming and its adverse effects on the environment, there is no need to waste your hard earned money through inefficient lighting, hot water services, unused standby power, heating and cooling systems.

Solar power has become the most popular renewable energy source for the home. There are many different types and configurations.

Intelec uses the most state of the art equipment to test and asses each site to ensure the output and configuration of the system is maximised and a detailed report of the installation will be presented to the client and explained in detail any obstructions such as trees which are present now or may effect the full output of the system